Finding a right Chinese business partner is quite critical for the overseas companies in the life science industry by considering the different market landscape, regulatory requirement, reimbursement issue as the complex supply chain, to build a "win-win" model with Chinese industry partner or financial partner Angine BD team can assist you in the following aspects:

· Define the BD partnership strategy based on the specified projects;

· Screen from Angine data base for key pharma/biotech/medical device companies and identity the "to-talk-further" list;

· Sign the CDA with "to-talk-further" companies and arrange the 1 to 1 TC/meeting with the companies with the potential strategically-fited partnership opportunities;

· Sign the Letter of Intent (LOI) or Term Sheet (TS) with the final screened Chinese companies;

· Sign the BD partnership agreement (license-in , JV model, or overseas investment) with the final confirmed partner.

· Manage the partnership as part of Alliance Management based on the agreement;